Great for Family

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Listing Name:
Great for Family
Season Plan:
Full Season (2017-18)
(45 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 3
Ticket Category:
Section / Row / Seat:
103 / 10 / 1
103 / 10 / 2
103 / 10 / 3
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Online Ticket Transfer
Offer Minimum:
10 games
Aisle Seating:
Hello! I am offering about half of my season tickets. In particular, I cannot make most Mon and Tues games as well as certain weekends But I think you will be happy with games offered.

These seats are fantastic for families with young kids. They are along the aisle and right near where the in-game compeitions are! Your kids can enjoy seeing a front row seat for those events. And since they are in the 'corner', your kids can get on the MaxTron quite frequently. Mine were on last season about 10 times.

I have specific games that I am offering due to work and family commitments. As a partner, would certainly be open to a switch of certain tickets at times which could be worked out together. If things go well, perhaps we could expand to a different format for future seasons. This is season 2 of my 4 year contract so we can have several years together.

Finally, I have about 22 sets of tickets for sale. Would love to sell the whole bang but also happy to take subsets - - minimum of 10 games per partner.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price

This listing currently has no tickets available for sale.

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    Hello, I did not know about this service in time for this year, I would be interested for next year. Do you have any of your seats still available, for this year or does the service not work that way?? Thanks Jim
  • Hi Jim. This is a new service so I am not overly familiar with it either. I had one request for info earlier in the year but have not, as yet, formed a group with anyone. If you are interested for next year, that would be great. Another individual was interested as well but always hard to know if that carries over to the following season, although the way the Jets are playing this season, interest will be higher, I suspect. To my knowledge, I cannot sell you tickets for an individual game through this service. I recently had an injury so have posted most of my remaining tickets and they have sold. I have one game left - last game of season April 7 vs Chicago. The easiest way to sell the tickets is through the Seat Exchange which is what I generally do. However, if you are serious, I can send the tickets through seat exchange (to ensure they are legitimate for you) and you can have that game to check the tickets out for future years as a partner. I can give them to you "gratis" but if you enjoy them and are interested in partnership, I would appreciate $110/seat as this is the list price on this site if you were a partner. Let me know if you think that is agreeable and you are interested. I am sure you will find the seats very acceptable. You will have to send me another message this way in order for me to respond again. Justin Walters
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    Hi. I bought seats from a different season ticket holder for this year so I’m out of the market until next year. What I’m looking for is a partnership with one other party for next and subsequent years. I like your seats and If you are sharing next year please contact me. Dale Guttman
  • Hi Dale. The seats are really great in my opinion. I will contact you again next year. Not sure if you are interested but we could enter into an agreement for next year if you'd like to lock them down with me. Og course, without an agreement now, I couldn't guarantee availability for next year. Let me know if you would be interested in doing that otherwise, will keep your name on the radar for next season. Go JETS! Justin Walters
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