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What is Season Ticket Members?

How to create an account.

How do I set-up my profile?

  1. Name your Ticket Group ? Click Save Name
  2. Enter your account details (Account Number, Seats, Price Category, and Section) ? Click Continue
  3. Specify location details by entering your row(s) and seat(s) ? Click Save & Continue
Your ticket group has now been created. You can now add your tickets and partners to set-up an online draft, or find new partners

How do I add my tickets?

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the corresponding Season Seat Plan (Full Season, Half A, Half B) ? Click Select Season Plan
  2. All games included in your seat package will appear pre-selected ? Click Add Game Tickets to add selected games to your profile
Now that you’ve added your games, you can update the per seat price. To do this follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the drop-down menu on the top right of your page and choose Change All Prices
  2. Select your seat location
  3. Type in your price, and click Change All Ticket Prices
  4. Click Save Changes to save your updated prices

Create a Listing

  1. Click on the Dashboard button at the top of your screen ? Click on the Go button to access your group
  2. Under the Listings tile, click Create a Listing
  3. Confirm Seat Location, then click the drop-down menu Select a Season Seat Plan ? Make your selection then click Continue
  4. Choose a Listing Name and include important details you’d like to share with the buyer, i.e. special seat location attributes, lounge access, etc.
  5. Enter your Preferences
    • Minimum Games per Offer ? Select the number of games through the drop-down menu (min. 9 games)
    • Minimum Tickets Per Game ? Select how many tickets minimum must be purchased from your allotment per game
    • Preferred Payment Method ? Choose your desired payment option from the drop-down menu
    • Select Online Ticket Transfer as your Preferred Ticket Delivery Method
  6. Under Listing Type, you can select:
    • Number of Games: to let buyers know you are looking for potential partners without offering specific games
    • List of Tickets: to specify exactly the seats and the games you want to sell ? Select List of Tickets ? Click Continue
  7. Review terms of use and click I have read and agree to the Listing Terms
  8. Click Create Listing
  9. Click on List Tickets for Sale
  10. On the Manage Tickets tab, select the games you’d like to make available for sale by clicking available and selecting List for Sale from the drop-down menu ? Click Save Changes
  11. Click on My Listings tab at the top of your screen. Your listing will be shown and you will see a note in red indicating You need to complete this Listing! Click this note to review listing details, then click on the Submit Listing for Verification button
  12. After a final review of your posting details, click ? I have finished setting up this Listing
  13. Your listing has now been set-up and sent to the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club for verification. You will receive an email once your posting has been verified, and your posting will then appear in listing search results.

    What are Season Ticket Groups, Ticket Locations, and Listings?

    How can I access video tutorials?

    What is a partner?

    How can potential partneras ask questions?

    How can I find potential partners?

    How do I get paid for my Season Tickets?

    Can I select the games I list for sale?

    Can I set my own price for seats?

    How does my listing get verified?

    How long does it take for a listing to be verified?

    Where can potential partners find my listings?

    What does it mean to assign games to partners?

    How do I assign games to myself/partners?

    Is there a fee to create a listing?

    How can I change the price of the Season Tickets in my listing?

    Is there a minum number of games I can sell?

    How can I advertise my listing?

    What if a partner does not pay for their tickets?

    Can I download data about my listings from Season Tickets?

    What is an Online Draft?

    Can I pause/cancel the draft after it starts?

    Do I have to include all games in an Online Draft?

    Are online drafts optional?

    What are draft rankings?

    Can I pre-rank games prior to the draft?

    Can partners AutoDraft when participating in an Online Draft?

    How do I set the draft order?

    Do all partners need to be present for an online draft?

    Can I have multiple drafts?

    Can I start my draft over?

    Can I make changes to an online draft once it has begun?

    Do drafts have a time limit?

    Can an Admin pick on behalf of an absent partner?

    How can an uneven split of games amongst partners be best handled?

    How do I add games to my online draft?

    Can I make the names of partners within a draft visible to other partners?

    Can I customize how many tickets can be taken with each pick in an online draft?

    Can I set a time limit for partners to make their pick?

    How can I select tickets on behalf of a partner during an online draft?

    Can I undo a pick during the draft?

    How can I assign a price to tickets added to my Season Ticket Group?

    Can I manually edit games picked by partners after an online draft

    How do I search for available listings?

    Do Season Ticket Members pay any fees to use this service?

    How can I make an offer?

    Can I contact a Season Ticket Member directly?

    How do I receive my Season Tickets?

    How do I pay for my Season Tickets?

    What are my payment options?

    Why haven't I heard anything back about my offer?

    What happens after I complete an Agreement?

    If I become a partner, will I have access to the pre-sale or post season tickets?

    Where do I sign up?

    How can I reset my password?

    How do I change my account's email or password?

    Why am I not receving emails from Season Ticket Members?

    Can I add multiple partners to a group?

    How many partners can I have?

    Can I remove partners from a group?

    Can I change a partner's email address?

    Can I add partners at any time?

    How can I find the dollar total for Season Tickets assigned to me or a partner?

    How can I assign/edit the prices for my Season Tickets?

    Can I change the status/assignee/price of all Season Tickets at once?