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Listing Name:
Love the view!
Season Plan:
Full Season (2019-20)
(44 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Section / Row / Seat:
316 / 5 / 5
316 / 5 / 6
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Online Ticket Transfer
Offer Minimum:
22 games
Aisle Seating:
On the aisle at the end of a block of seats so only four people would ever need to walk past you. Seat six is totally unobstructed as it is right above the stairs and you can stretch your legs out! The section is in the corner so you get great end to end action visibility and the Jets shoot toward the net this end twice in each game. This is a great opportunity! You can have at least 30 games in the upcoming 2019-20 season with the possibility of more that can be negotiated.
  • Love the view and leg room!
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Seat Holder. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

Online Draft
New partner will participate in Online Draft. Draft will be held at a time and date agreeable to the majority of partners. Draft picks will be based on the number of games each partner is purchasing. Draft Order will be set fairly giving all partners a pick in the first round and the remaining picks will be fairly determined based on the proportion of games owned by each partner. The Draft Order shall NOT unfairly benefit or harm any partner(s). All games and tickets shall be included in the draft.
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    I just resubmitted for 1/2 (22 games) as it's my first time using this system - happy to take more games but probably easier to discuss how everything works once we can message directly. Thanks!
  • Hello, That sounds great! Things are flexible and negotiable over and above the 22 games and for the play-offs. Basically the aim is for everyone to be confident and happy with the partnership and enjoy a great season of exhilarating hockey.
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    I'm interested. How does the draft work for picking games? Is there a similar split of playoff tickets at whatever playoff ticket cost ends up being?
  • The way games have been picked by partners in the past has been by taking turns, so once the season schedule came out, the season ticket holder picked first and then the next partner etc. in sequence so the games were chosen not according to date but by preference until all the games were picked. This was done in a fair manner with a general principal of making sure everyone got a share of high profile games to see and fair distribution of weekend games. This year is different because it is the first time setting up a partnership through the Split Season option and, since you will have basically 2/3 of the games, the exact way of doing the draft is negotiable. One longstanding partner has to travel quite a bit, so if you are open to being flexible, then there could also be an openness to the possibility of switching games factored in if any partner wants to trade for a different game night and it works out for both parties. The aim is to have a very positive partnership with respect and consideration for everyone. The playoffs could be split so you get at least 1/2 the games, purchased at the season ticketholder price. More playoff games could be negotiated.
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    Hi there, I'm potentially interested in splitting half the season and had two questions. To decide games would we be able to pick via draft? Also would you be willing to split half the playoff games at season ticketholder cost? Let me know, thanks!
  • Hello Robert, Thank you for your interest! Everything sounds great to me; splitting the season, picking via draft, and half the playoff games at season ticket holder cost, but I just need to double check with my brother to confirm. He went out of town and is in a different time zone so I may not get a response from him by e-mail today. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.
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