Find a Partner

We understand that many of our Season Seat Holders need partners. We provide Split Season Seats so Season Seat Holders can create listings to find new partners.

explain why your seats are special

Your Listing

To get started, simple create a listing that explains what you are offering new partners. Give the basic details plus include photos and explain why your seats are awesome.

attract potential partners

Receive Offers

Potential partners can browse through all listings. They can ask questions and ultimate make an offer to share your Season Seats. Season Seat Holder are immediately notified when they receive offers.

Your tickets, you decide

Offer Review

Season Seat Holders are notified of a new offer via email and can choose to Accept, Reject, or Counter any offer.

successful match

Completed Agreement

Once a Season Seat Holder and potential partner agree to the terms, they complete the Agreement to Share Season Seats. The new partner is added to the Split Season Seats account.

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